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#1 Quality Nail Dust Filtration

For the professional nail designer, a quality dust filtration system is part of the standard equipment, like the brush is to a painter. There are many factors involved in choosing a dust filtration system that is right for you. Let's look at some of the features that have garnered Nova Flair the #1 Quality Brand Reputation it has become known for.

The Nova Flair Dust Filters have been rated as #1 Quality Nail Dust Filtration Systems, and offer over 10 years of technological experience. Nova Flair has achieved development of a dust collection system which is both powerful and quiet at the same time.

A superior dust extraction system should be quiet to easily entertain conversation during treatment with the customers in the nail studio.

Another unique feature in the Nova Flair Systems is the benefit of the new Technology of Synthetic activated-carbon filter medium to achieve the best results when working with acrylic and problematic odors. It is especially suited for allergy sufferers. AirFilter-media are characterised by highly efficient gas filtration combined with low flow resistance. As a result, gaseous contaminants and odours can be permanently removed from the air, even if the relative humidity is high.

Quick & Effortless Cleaning (once in 2 weeks *); that's valuable time you can now invest in your clients instead. Time is money, invest smart with a Nova Flair System!


Say Hello Nova Flair, goodbye to a nail salon covered in toxic dust!

Because your health matters!
Features New Technology of Synthetic activated carbon filter medium to achieve the best results when working with acrylic and problematic odors.

“In my humble opinion, the Nova Flair extraction units are the best. They are whisper quiet, but remove more dust than any other I've tried, and I've had gel techs standing right next to me and they can't smell the monomer that I have open right under their noses. ” — Beverly Habkirk Townsend - Calgary, Alberta